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Oops….looks like we need a refresher course on trash and debris disposal.

So – once again here are the Rules for both old and new POA members:

First – let’s talk about our trash bins.  In order to accommodate everyone’s trash we must establish
guidelines for their use.
The bins are for “household” trash only.   We do not allow construction materials, furniture, toilets, gas
grills, water heaters, and grass or leaf clippings to be disposed of in the bins.  Cardboard boxes should be
broken down before discarding either in trash bins or the burn pile.  Items are not to be left outside of the
bins – Allied Waste does not get out of their trucks to pick up those items.  Please close the dumpster doors
when finished, this will help keep animals from entering the bins and tearing up the trash bags.  Please put
your trash in sealed trash bags (again, this helps with maintaining a cleaner area around the dumpsters.

Second – we provide a leaf/grass clippings compost pile for your use.  No limbs, branches, logs, plastic
plant containers, etc. should be placed on the compost pile.  Please feel free to use any of the wonderful
compost created.

Third – the Burn pile is for all limbs, logs, large (broken down) boxes, lumber (no nails please), or anything
burnable (no plastics, no rubber, etc).   Also, concrete, iron, steel, any metal, cinder blocks are not
burnable and should not be disposed of in our burn pile.

Fourth – Freestone County provides a County Dump for appliances, furniture or any non-burnable items
mentioned above.  There is a place for all your disposable material – it’s up to you to use them properly.

Thanks for your help and cooperation – it makes everyone’s life easier.

Date:  Sunday, December 21, 2014 11:16 AM  

From:  Barbara Lawrence <blawrence@tgti.net>

In case you did not receive a letter from the TCEQ the permit application from a subsidiary of the Japanese
Conglomerate Mitsui, MyPower Corporation, that was attempting to build a power plant on FM 416 (Lakeside
Energy) has been voided.

What that means at this point is that the power plant is not going to be built.  If this project were ever to be
resurrected they would have to start over with a new permit application.

Residents of the south side of the lake, and many on the north side of the lake, have been opposing this
plant ever since it was proposed almost six years ago.

A little history for those of you who were not here six years ago.  Mitsui/MyPower filed a permit application to
build a power plant in January 2009.  This plant was to be located at the corner of FM 416 and CR 129.  As
proposed it was to take 5 million gallons of water out of the lake, and dump its waste water back into the
lake.  Residents of the south side lake communities overwhelmingly opposed this plant.  Despite the fact
that MyPower denied it the plant would surely be visible from 416, negatively affecting our property values,
probably polluting the lake, and adding to our air pollution.  MyPower hired a public relations firm to sway us,
but they did not.

A community meeting was quickly held and 150 letters were submitted to the TCEQ requesting a public
meeting on the plant.  This entitled us to a public meeting, which was held in August of 2010.  One hundred
fifty people, most opposed, attended the meeting.  Three hundred wrote letters requesting a contested case
hearing.  This entitled the community to a contested case hearing.  MyPower never pursued the hearing.  
Technicallly, a plant should be build within eighteen months of the application.  We have been pursuing this
ending because of the age of the application.

This has been a long struggle for us who don't want to live down the street from a power plant--who believe
that the middle of our community is not an appropriate location for one--and who believe the quality of our
air and water needs no further degradation.

It is a fine example of what a community united can do on an issue.  They say that you cannot fight big
energy in Texas.  Well, we just did.

Thanks to all of you who came to meetings, wrote letters, and donated money for our legal fees.  

Every session of the legislature someone introduces a bill to deter the public's ability to have input into the
process of public notices, public meetings, contested case hearings.  That is the process we just used to
fight Lakeside Energy.  So we must remain vigilent of what is going on in Austin that affects us.  So, I guess
you will probably be hearing from me in the future.

In the meantime, pat yourselves on the back. GOOD WORK Y'ALL

If you know others around the lake who would be interested in this news, please forward this email along.

Barbara Lawrence

Date:  Monday, August 25, 2014 11:33 AM  

Subject: New Additional Rules/Fines for the Burn & Compost Piles

Attn: All POA Property Owners

At the POA Board meeting held on August 23, 2014, the Wilderness Board of
Directors unanimously approved the attached additional rules and fines for the Burn
Pile and the Compost Piles.

Please make sure that any contactors who work for you understand these rules.

Should you have any questions regarding these new rules please do not hesitate to
contact the POA office.

Best regards,


Open  2014-08 Additional Rules for the Burn Pile and Compost Piles rev 3A.doc  
Dec 8, 2014

Dear Member,

At our Annual Business Meeting earlier this month, Ron Cherry and Fred Ellis were elected to the Board.
Thanks to all of you who attended, and also to those who sent in their proxies and absentee ballots for the
election. Officers and Directors along with their responsibilities are listed on this letterhead. Additionally,
Dave Rist and Jeff Robinson are members of the ACC, and Linda DeHaven is our Office Manager.

Overall the Wilderness POA continues to be healthy and stable financially. Enclosed is the annual financial
report, including our Balance Sheet for FY14 and a Profit and Loss Comparison with FY13. Income was
down substantially primarily due to lot consolidations, and the fact that no new houses were built in FY14.
Expenses continue to escalate, particularly disposal fees and grounds maintenance.

Your annual assessment has increased $40 to $500 to cover lost revenue, and increasing expenses.

The Board continues to focus on our roads. In FY14 we spent $46,000 on road repairs, and are planning to
spend an average of about $40,000 per year for the next 3 years to maintain our roads.

The Board plans to make an offer for the 8.74 acre property which is for sale at the corner of Bull Run and
Shenandoah. Purchase of the property would allow the continuation of a natural preserve at the entrance to
the Wilderness.

Best Regards,


Fred Ellis
Welcome to our newest owners in the Wilderness!

    Byron and Karissa Stoker

    Joseph and April Donohoo

    David Dutton

    Anthony Nuncio & Terrance Nichols

    Kent & Monica Bissell


    Congratulations to our newly elected Board members!

    Jeff Robinson and Lonnie Strebeck were elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting
    on November 14, 2015.