Burn Pile vs LEAVES and shrubs

1.  We will continue to maintain a burn pile for limbs, logs, wood products, large
cardboard boxes.

2.  We have established a separate pile for dry leaves.  NO PLASTIC BAGS.  We
intend to develop and maintain this area as a compost pile for the benefit of all

The site is in the southeast corner of the property where our dumpsters are
located.  Upon entering the gate, turn left and drive along the small berm to the end
where the berm makes an “L” – signs will be posted.

trash” ONLY.  NO leaves, limbs, large cardboard boxes, wooden picnic tables,  
furniture, refrigerators, large appliances, tires, paint, or building materials should be
placed IN the dumpsters OR around them.  The trash company only empties the
dumpsters – they don’t pick anything up – and we shouldn’t expect our
neighbors/volunteers to do it either.  

Be sure your "hired help" understands the rules.

Thanks for your cooperation.