Gate Code Operation:  

Codes are changed quarterly.  Notification of the new code will be made by email.  You may
obtain the new codes by contacting
The Wilderness Office.   Please report any malfunctions

There is NO CHANGE to the remote (clicker) operation.  Everyone is encouraged to obtain a
remote from the Wilderness Office.  Most new cars can be programmed to operate the gate

Key pad operation is as follows: Enter the four digit code and hear a warble tone.  If an error is
made press the clear key (star or pound key) and re-enter the code.  If you enter a wrong code
you will hear a buzz. Enter a wrong code three times and the key pad will not accept any code
entries for an extended period of time.

This code may be given to friends, relatives or service providers that need access to The
Wilderness after gate closing time.

Realtors will use Property owner's code which you may provide or we will provide on request.

Contractors will be assigned independent codes when requested, based on need for access.

Dallas Morning News Delivery has an independent code assigned.

Emergency Responders have a special code.