October 18, 2011

How’s Your Water

A number of years ago we began working on a water system that would address two
First-Increase our capacity;         Second – Improve our quality

Last year we completed what we believe would achieve both goals.  Unfortunately we
only achieved our first goal increasing our capacity, which we are now able to service
our community’s future growth.  The quality improvement did not materialize, even
though the new well, designed to service the Wilderness, tested extremely well.  After
many months it was discovered that our “former” water maintenance person had not
property serviced the main valve, consequently we continued to receive water from the
old well.  Earlier this summer (May) the error was corrected and we are now receiving
100% of our water from the new well (Well #3).

The makeup of the current CWC water is as follows:  Well #3 is located in Southside
shores and services that community, plus Kingswood and the Wilderness.  Well #2 is
located in Kingswood and services all other CWC customers.  Well #1, the original well,
is located in Southern Oaks and is currently not being used as a water source.

During the past few weeks there has been a great deal of discussion and material
distributed concerning the quality of the wilderness water, especially the iron content.

With these concerns in mind we asked CWC to provide us with current written
laboratory tests, indicating iron content of the water supplied specifically to the
Wilderness.  There were two tests run in September, one by the state of Texas, the
other by an independent laboratory, Ana Lab Corp in Kilgore Texas.  The Ana Lab is
accredited by NELP and approved by the state of Texas.

The state written reports have not been received, but should be available in the next
week to 10 days.  We will distribute the reports when received.

The Ana Lab report has been received and results are as follows:
A test run on September 8, 2011 on the water servicing the Wilderness (known as
SOEP2) had an iron content of .142 mg/l.  A test run on September 26, 2011 had an
iron content of .148 mg/l.

The state allows a maximum of .300 mg/l.  As you can see the iron content of the
Wilderness water, in both tests, show an iron content of less than half of what the state

Finally a test was run on an individual residence in the Wilderness with a .124 mg/l

We pass this information along for your review and will distribute the results of the state
tests as received.

If you wish to review this information personally, it is available at the Wilderness office
at regular business hours.