Trailer Spaces

Assigned Spaces

The Wilderness assigns spaces for property owners to store their RV's, campers, boat and utility trailers free of charge.  These items may not be left on your driveway or on your property for extended periods of time without prior approval.  Please contact the Wilderness Office to reserve your space.

At Your Own Risk

Using the free trailer spaces assigned to you by the Wilderness is done so at your own risk.  You are encouraged to maintain your own insurance coverage on any items of significant value that you place there.

Space Maintenance

While the Wilderness does mow the driving lanes between the lines of trailer spaces, you are responsible for keeping your assigned spaces mowed and free of brush.

Visitor Spaces

If you have family or friends visiting you at the Wilderness that bring their own trailer, you may request a temporary space assignment for use during their stay by contacting the Wilderness Office.