Trash and Recycling



The dumpsters, along with the burn and compost piles, are provided for the benefit of property owners only.  Household refuse may be placed in the dumpsters.  They are emptied weekly.  No items may be placed next to the dumpsters - everything must be placed inside.

Burn Pile


Dispose of plant and brush debris, cardboard boxes, and wood in the Burn Pile in the field at the south end of the trailer area.  The pile is periodically burned by the Southern Oaks Volunteer Fire Department as a training drill.

Compost Pile


Leaves are plentiful in the fall and present a danger in terms of fuel for wildfires.  You are encouraged to dump loose leaves (no plastic bags) into the compost pile along the eastern fence line in the trailer area.  As they decompose, they provide a source of compost materials which you are welcome to take for your flower beds.



The Wilderness is not currently able to offer recycling onsite.  Fairfield High School (631 Post Oak Rd.) usually accepts paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month.  

Prohibited Items


Construction waste and oversized items are not allowed in the dumpsters.  

Prohibited items in the Burn Pile include plastic, chemicals, fertilizer, glass, and metal.  These items produce toxic fumes when burned (causing danger for fire fighters and residents) or they do not burn at all.

Large Item Disposal


Appliances, furniture, mattresses and other oversized items are not welcome in the dumpsters or in the Burn Pile.  These items may be taken to the Streetman Solid Waste Transfer Point.